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Product title:Conductive Corrugated Box SP-1701 Series

  • Product detail:Conductive Black corrugated sheet, thickness 2,3,4,5,6mm , Surface resistance : 10e4-6 ohm , thickness Any specification can be customized .

    Conductive Corrugated Box SP-1701 Series 


    Section 1   Product Name and Company Information


    Product Name:   Polypropylene   PP hollow sheet

    Other Name:    Corrugated board

    Conductive corrugated box.jpg


    Section 2 Composition/Information on Ingredient


              Product Index:

    A. Product Sepcification: Width≤1500MM, no length limit; Thickness: 2-6mm

    B. Material: PP

    C. Surface Resistance: anti-static 10E7-10E11?, conductive 10E4-10E6 ?

    D. Tensile Strength: (N)2MM 250 , 4MM-300   6MM-380

    E. Breaking Tensility Rate: (%)2MM-100   4MM-100   6MM-100

    F. Horizontal Compress: (N)2MM-1000   4MM-600  6MM-550

    G. Vertical Compress: (N)2MM-90   4MM-230  6MM-400

    H. Tear Strength: (N)2MM-65   4MM-75  6MM-85


    Section 3 Hazards Identification


              Environment-protective green products, can be recycled. No physical and chemical harm.


    Section 4 Fire Fighting Measures


              Fire extinguishing equipment: Chemical powder,carbon dioxide

               Fire extinguishing procedure: Spray directly to fire


    Section 5 Storage Method


              Regular storage: dry, clean floor, put whole flat sheet horizontally, the total height could not exceed 1.4 -1.5m.


    Section 6 Exposure Controls


             Regular control: put the products on dry, clean and air area, moistureproof, protect it against sunshine. Do set them in normal temperature.


    Section 7 Physical/Chemical Properties


             Appearance: Transparent inherent solid polypropylene particle, rice shape, no color and no taste.

              Melting point: 150- 170℃

              Flaming point: 280-350℃

              Solubility: N/A

              Do not touch corrosive Strong acid and Strong alkali.

              Remedy: Rinse by water immediately when touch corrosive things. Dry it in normal status.


    Section 8 Transport Information


              Regular transportation.

               Remark: stack height do not exceed 1.4-1.5m, protect against impact,trample.

    Folding is prohibited.

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