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Product title:Anti-static WordPad SP-STA-05

  • Product detail:Size: A4, A5 Color: blue, black. Volume resistivity: 105-109Ω.CM

    Antistatic WordPad Antistatic copy plate,  SP-STA-05

    ESD Wordpad_副本.png


    Technical Specifications

    Volume resistivity: 105-109Ω.CM

    Material: ESD PP

    Electrostatic decay time: 1000V / 100V less than 1.0S

    Friction voltage: less than 100V

    Size: A4, A5

    Color:  black.

    By Tu: Widely used in static sensitive areas, it can be used for cleaning up the environment (microelectronics, biotechnology, medical, etc.)

    Note: The permanent anti-static.

    MOQ: 10PCS onwards.

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