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Product title:ESD Circulation Box SP-51 Series

  • Product detail:Usage: to store electronics components, pcbs, and transportation Surface resistance: 10E4-9 ohm

    ESD Circulation Box SP-51 Series 

    Molding Injection

    Material: Conductive PP compound

    Usage: to store electronics components, pcbs, and transportation
    Surface resistance:  10E4-9 ohm
    ESD corrugated divider can be matched inside.

    Corrugated cover or molded cover are available to prevent dust.
    It can print LOGO and make stack.


    We offer many models to accommodate all your need. Please refer to the chart below to select the standard model suitable for your application.

    Product NameItem codeCountour Size/ Interior Size(mm)Remark
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5105360*270*135/320*240*125 
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5106380*240*105/340*220*90
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5107335*250*120/300*200*108
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5109500*360*175/440*330*165
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5110565*420*240/510*390*235
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5111 565*420*300/510*390*290
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5112600*500*150/560*455*140cover is available
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5113600*500*300/560*455*290cover is available
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5114610*500*360/560*460*355
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5115670*410*160/620*370*150
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5116 565*420*380/510*390*375
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5119610*500*400/560*455*395
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5120610*415*245/580*380*240
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5125600*500*167/560*460*160
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5127  580*370*200/535*344*193
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5128580*370*160/535*344*152cover is available 
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5129615*425*155/585*390*145
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5130628*425*320/580*385*310
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5131 720*450*180/680*420*175
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5132720*560*380/675*515*370
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5136560*430*145/515*350*140
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5137  585*405*175/538*360*170
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5138530*370*205/490*330*200
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5139 620*430*200/580*385*195
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5149 620*430*250/580*395*243 
    ESD Circulation BoxSP-5150510*345*185/464*300*175

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