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Product title:ESD Antistatic calculator SP-STA-12

  • Product detail:ESD Antistatic calculator SP-STA-12

    ESD Antistatic calculator SP-STA-12

    ESD Calculator .jpg

    Product parameters:

    Surface resistance: 10 ^ 6 -10 9 th

    Friction voltage: less than 100V

    Material:Permanent ESD PP 

    Color: Black


    Widely used in static sensitive areas, it can be used for cleaning up the environment (microelectronics, biotechnology, medical, etc.)

    Note: The permanent anti-static.

    Recommendation: clean room! Anti-static mouse pad features: durable economic and many other advantages. It can greatly reduce the failure rate of electronic products in the production process, reduce costs, improve product quality and profit; the main purposes: to eliminate static electricity.


        Widely used in clean room, clean room, light plant, LED plant, PCB plants, electronics factory, electrical plants electronic equipment, wafer, LCD / LCM / LED, optoelectronic optical, semiconductor chips, laser heads, pharmaceutical chemicals, precision instruments , health care equipment, microelectronics, aerospace, military industry, electronic (device) member, optical products, electronic devices, liquid crystal products, optical products, such as the integration of aerospace product manufacturing and purification of ESD level required production field.

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